TOM Toolkit

The TOM Toolkit is a framework for building software for the next generation of astronomy.

Target and Observation Manager

The TOM Toolkit project was started in early 2018 with the goal of simplifying the development of next generation software for the rapidly evolving field of astronomy. Read more about TOMs and the motivation for them.

Are you looking to run a TOM of your own? The documentation is a good place to get started. The source code for the project is also available on Github.

Workshop: Managing Follow-up Observations in the Era of ZTF

LSST Corporation and Las Cumbres Observatory will be hosting a workshop from September 30 to October 4, 2019, with a strong focus on interactive TOM Toolkit development and instruction. The workshop will culminate in a call for proposals that will be awarded with mini-grants and telescope time on LCO's global telescope network. If you have an interest in developing a TOM for your science case, you can apply, get more information, or subscribe to the mailing list on the workshop homepage.

Upcoming Conferences

9th LSST Project and Community Workshop

The TOM Toolkit and TOM-related topics will be discussed in a number of presentations at the LSST Project and Community Workshop from August 12th to August 16th.

Hot-Wiring the Transient Universe

The TOM Toolkit and examples TOMs will be demonstrated in a number of presentations at Hot-wiring the Transient Universe from August 19th to August 23th.

  • Demo Session on MARS, by David Collom, 8/19 2:25-2:45 PM
  • Talks and Demo on LCO TOMs, by Rachel Street, Tim Lister, and Jamison Burke, 8/20 11:40-12:30 PM
  • Hack Session: Hands-On TOM Toolkit Set-up and Customization Workshop, by David Collom, 8/22 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM